Unfamiliar people

Earlier today (Wednesday Oct.14) a female was walking around and looking at houses on Oxford/Yorkdale while talking on her cell phone. A neighbor, who was working from home with the windows open, overheard them talking about “houses that looked like no-one was home”. Yesterday, a young man rang my doorbell and it appeared he wanted to talk about voting. After checking his cell phone, he addressed me by name which I thought was odd and I quickly ended he conversation. So, in light of these two recent instances, please up your awareness level of unfamiliar people in the neighborhood. Thanks, Mary Ann

4 thoughts on “Unfamiliar people

  1. One year I was helping get out the vote in our neighborhood and was given the names and addresses of all residents in my political party. I think it even included ages! So, he might have just had a list that included your name.
    Jennifer Taylor on Yorkdale Ct.

  2. Sometime this afternoon (Wed Oct 14) I also saw a female walking on Oxford Dr – someone that I had never seen before and something about her seemed “out of place.” It just struck me as different. She didn’t seem to be walking for exercise !? She wasn’t walking with a friend, a dog, or children. She was short, slightly built, maybe 30-40yrs of age, and dressed in jeans and a light colored top.

  3. It is great to be alert, but it is possible they are canvassing the neighborhood to help get out the vote. That could explain why they would have your name.

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