Role of Area Captain

  • Designated for every 10 to 15 houses on a street.
  • Act as a liaison between street or block residents and the Coordinator.
  • Alert the block residents and watch Coordinator and other Area Captains of any burglaries, attempted burglaries, and suspicious activities (cars and/or individuals).
  • Establish and maintain a communication chain by compiling and distributing a current list of emails, names, addresses, and telephone numbers of their block to their block participants and Coordinator. Ensure that any changes to this list are communicated to the Coordinator ASAP to maintain the more current information.
  • Assist Coordinator in meeting notification and setup, and ensure residents of the block that are unable to attend a meeting are provided crime watch handout materials.
  • Visit and invite new residents to join, notifying them of meetings and training sessions.
  • Act as an information base for residents when they leave for vacation or any time their home will be empty for a period of time. Find out where they are going, and how they can be reached in case of emergency.
  • Contact each neighbor as often as possible to discuss possible crime problems, needs for assistance, and suggestions for program improvement.
  • Instruct the street or block residents on “What suspicious activity is and how to report suspicious activity.”
  • Notify the Coordinator and secure a back-up when on vacation or extended leave to ensure the block is covered by a watch team member.
  • Assist with dissemination of crime prevention tips on periodic basis.
  • Assist in promoting and establishing the “Operation Identification” program.
  • Promote National Night Out and encourage involvement.

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