Copperhead Breeding Season

As we begin the change of the season from Summer to Fall we just wanted to remind neighbors that this is also Copperhead breeding season and Copperheads will be more active this time of year.

Copperheads are mostly nocturnal but they can be active day or night.  To humans their bites are serious though rarely life threatening.  To smaller pets they can be more serious.  As the day light hours are shortened and many of our neighbors like to get their walks and runs in the early morning or late evening it is highly suggested to use a headlight or some sort of illumination that will allow you to keep an eye out for a Copperhead that may be in your path.  We know a neighbor in the Yorkdale area recently experienced an encounter while walking their dog and it was good to hear the dog will recover.

There is no need to exterminate the snake since these snakes do play a vital role in keeping the population in check for other vermin such as rodents.  Simply give plenty of space between you and the Copperhead.

If you find one in your yard in an inconvenient location you can use a jet stream of water, from a distance, to move it in another direction.

They are obviously also well camouflaged so stay aware in any areas where grass or shrubs may not be as well maintained.