Kinds of Suspicious Activity to Report

Any incident, individual or activity that feels uncomfortable, and seems unusual or out of place.

Some common examples of suspicious activities include:

  • A stranger walking or loitering in the neighborhood.
  • An unfamiliar parked or slow moving vehicle cruising the streets with unknown passengers.
  • Someone peering into cars and windows.
  • An unknown van or vehicle coming and going from a home.
  • Persons arriving and leaving from homes or businesses at unusual hours.
  • Someone loitering around schools, parks, or secluded areas.
  • Open or broken doors or windows at an un-occupied residence or closed business.
  • An unknown person with no company or vehicle identification tampering with electrical, gas, or sewer systems.
  • An unknown person with no company or vehicle identification seeking to gain entry into the residence claiming a need to inspect for any reason.
  • Multiple persons who appear to be working in unison and exhibiting suspicious behaviors.
  • Signs of forced entry or tampering with security or safety systems.
  • Unknown non-stop alarms going off in or near a home.
  • Aggressive or threatening door to door solicitors.

By reporting suspicious activities and situations, citizens can make their communities safer, secure, reduce violence and crime to improve the overall quality of life.