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Update on locked cars reports

Another neighbor on 3000 block of Oxford recently reported $20, no tools or electronics, was taken from an unlocked truck, I called the Durham non-emergency line today and requested the police patrol our area during the next few days/nights. Hopefully this might help…

Unlocked Car

A neighbor on 3000 block of Oxford reported that sometime last night (Thursday) or early into this morning (Oct.23) someone went through the items in their unlocked car but it looked like nothing was taken. Just a reminder to lock your car ……

Unfamiliar people

Earlier today (Wednesday Oct.14) a female was walking around and looking at houses on Oxford/Yorkdale while talking on her cell phone. A neighbor, who was working from home with the windows open, overheard them talking about “houses that looked like no-one was home”. Yesterday, a young man rang my doorbell and it appeared he wanted to talk about voting. After checking his cell phone, he addressed me by name which I thought was odd and I quickly ended he conversation. So, in light of these two recent instances, please up your awareness level of unfamiliar people in the neighborhood. Thanks, Mary Ann

20 minutes ago! Theft on 3000 Block of Oxford

Just 20 minutes ago, this afternoon, Sunday March 26, I noticed a young black male walking down the street and he looked oddly out of place.
I noticed black car backed in at the end of my neighbor’s driveway, which was very odd.
I saw some young black males walking around at the top of the driveway, looking at the stuff stored there and I called 911.
Suddenly, one person jumped in the car, backed up then driveway and they proceeded to put things in the car.
Then, they quickly sped off while I was on the phone with the police; I was unable to get a license plate or photo of the car.
Literally a minute later, my neighbor returned home while I was still on the phone with the police.
The owner is now assessing what items were taken.
This experience was disturbing. Please watch out for yourselves and your neighbors.
Mary Ann

Missing Newspapers

For the past two days, my daily paper has not been in my driveway. When I called the delivery person, he assured me he had delivered the newspapers both days, between
4 am-5 am. He commented that he saw a small SUV parked at the corner of Bexley and Oxford, which seems odd for that time of day, so I passed that information on to the police. Please stay aware and report any unusual or suspicious activity to the police.

Break-in Alert on Yorkdale

A neighbor on Yorkdale reported that a break-in occurred yesterday Thursday July 14 sometime between the hours of 8:30 am and 7pm. Some electronics were stolen and the police were notified of the break-in yesterday evening when the renters returned home. Further details will be posted when available.

Break-in and missing cat (Stanford cul-de-sac)

The break-in happened last night (Saturday, July 2) when the residents were out of town and unfortunately one of their cats (Spencer) is missing.
He is a sweet black and white boy, but he may be skittish, as he is an indoor-only cat.
If you catch or spot him, please call 919-698-2136.
(Updates on break-in will be provided when available, police were notified)