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Unfamiliar people

Earlier today (Wednesday Oct.14) a female was walking around and looking at houses on Oxford/Yorkdale while talking on her cell phone. A neighbor, who was working from home with the windows open, overheard them talking about “houses that looked like no-one was home”. Yesterday, a young man rang my doorbell and it appeared he wanted to talk about voting. After checking his cell phone, he addressed me by name which I thought was odd and I quickly ended he conversation. So, in light of these two recent instances, please up your awareness level of unfamiliar people in the neighborhood. Thanks, Mary Ann

Copperhead Breeding Season

As we begin the change of the season from Summer to Fall we just wanted to remind neighbors that this is also Copperhead breeding season and Copperheads will be more active this time of year.

Copperheads are mostly nocturnal but they can be active day or night.  To humans their bites are serious though rarely life threatening.  To smaller pets they can be more serious.  As the day light hours are shortened and many of our neighbors like to get their walks and runs in the early morning or late evening it is highly suggested to use a headlight or some sort of illumination that will allow you to keep an eye out for a Copperhead that may be in your path.  We know a neighbor in the Yorkdale area recently experienced an encounter while walking their dog and it was good to hear the dog will recover.

There is no need to exterminate the snake since these snakes do play a vital role in keeping the population in check for other vermin such as rodents.  Simply give plenty of space between you and the Copperhead.

If you find one in your yard in an inconvenient location you can use a jet stream of water, from a distance, to move it in another direction.

They are obviously also well camouflaged so stay aware in any areas where grass or shrubs may not be as well maintained.

Cryptic Flyer in Mailboxes

A cryptic flyer was left at three homes (see image).  Not certain if this was random or targeted.  Two (possibly all 3) of the homes are on Stanford Drive.  We are asking if any other neighbors also received the same note to please let us know.

Keys Found Near Corner of Yorkdale and Oxford

A key ring with a fair amount of keys was found near the corner of Yorkdale and Oxford.  The keys were left hanging on a pole at the drive entrance of 3010 Oxford but so far there has been no claims on the keys.  If you have any idea on who these keys may belong to please contact the owner to make them aware of where the keys can be found.

Stay safe everyone!

Durham Manis-University Estates Mutual Aide Efforts-COVID-19

Hey Neighbors,

Are you interested in helping to organize a mutual aid project in our local neighborhood? Mutual Aid efforts have existed for decades and involve connecting with neighbors, assessing needs, and pooling resources to help people in any way possible during times of crisis. This is an isolating time and everyone will likely need help at some point. Mutual Aid creates a communications infrastructure so that we can take care of one another (without physically interacting) in the wake of COVID-19.

What Would I Be Doing? 

Come as you are and bring whatever energy and time you have to offer. We are especially looking for residents who can be “block coordinators.” Block coordinators are responsible for checking in with ~6 houses on their block. The block coordinator will help their neighbors fill out a Google intake form that will detail if they have certain needs OR things they can offer other neighbors in need. This block coordinator will be a part of a greater (virtual) team of other block coordinators in our neighborhood who will support one another.  If you can’t be a block coordinator but still want to be involved (share advice, distribute fliers, help us create a neighborhood map, etc.), please reply to this email as well! We welcome any form of help.

We don’t have to go through this alone. If you’re interested in helping organize for our neighborhood in any capacity, please email :

 and one of us will get back to you. 


PS – If you’re interested in learning more about the Durham Mutual Aid Network, which is organizing this mutual aid work city-wide, check out the following websites!

  1. Facebook: You can check out more information on the facebook page for the Durham Mutual Aid Network:
  2. Intake form to get people plugged into their neighborhood: If you know someone who is in another neighborhood, and they want to get plugged into the mutual aid effort in their neighborhood, they can do so using this form! There is an intake team that goes through these answers and helps connect people to the work in their own neighborhood.:
  3. Durham-wide map: If you want to see a map of ongoing efforts we know about so far across Durham, you can do that here. (Side note that Data Works NCwill be helping to build this out, so it’ll look really different in the next week or so):
  4. Durham mutual aid website: And finally, here is the website for the Durham Mutual Aid work. It also is a work in progress and will be updated as the days go on:  

Again, we are truly all in this together.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors During Social Distancing

During this time of social distancing a group of thoughtful neighbors want to make sure those neighbors in a high-risk group in our neighborhood have assistance if it is needed.

If you are in need of assistance or if you are in a low-risk group and are willing to offer help please select the link below.  Complete the form and send to the contact information on the form so that neighbors can be matched up as best as possible.

Neighbors helping neighbors is what makes this a strong community.

Help for our University Estate Neighbors

Durham Suspends Curbside Yard Waste Effective March 30

Durham Suspends Curbside Yard Waste and Bulky Services Effective March 30

Thursday, March 26: Starting March 30, curbside collection for yard waste and bulky items are temporarily suspended to focus on garbage and recycling collection, which help to maintain the public health and safety of residents.

Beginning Monday, March 30, the City of Durham Solid Waste Management Department will only offer curbside collections for trash and recycling.

Curbside collections for yard waste and bulky items are temporarily suspended to enable the department to focus its resources on garbage and recycling collections, which helps to maintain the public health and safety of residents.

This temporary change is needed since yard waste and bulky items require larger crews where employees cannot maintain social distancing.

Customers are asked to stop placing yard waste carts and bulky items on their curb on March 30.

Yard Waste subscribers will not be billed for the time that their services are suspended.

View additional COVID-19 updates from the Solid Waste Management Department.