How to Report Suspicious Activity

  • To report life threatening and/or suspicious activities or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately! Do not confront an individual(s), let the police handle it. Maintain a safe distance from the scene.
  • Be prepared to tell the dispatcher the 5 Ws:
    • Who: provide as much detailed description as possible of the individual(s) and/or vehicle involved. This may include how individuals are dressed, skin and hair color, approximate age, their sex. If a vehicle, the color / make / model and other details.
    • What: Describe the suspicious activity. It does not have to be a “crime” in progress, but could become one.
    • Where: Give the address/location of activity and direction of individuals/vehicle leaving the area.
    • When: Time and Date of activity
    • Weapons: Are weapons visible or gunshots heard?

Remain on the phone and stay calm and be prepared to answer follow-up questions.

  • After contacting the police it is imperative to notify your Area Captain of the suspicious activity or crime so they can notify the other Area Captains and Coordinator to alert the neighborhood.
  • Also, call 9-1-1 for:
    • Any immediate or potential threat to life or property.
    • Vehicle accident/medical emergency/fire emergency in progress.
    • Type of fight or disturbance in progress.
    • Illegal activity in progress.

To report non-life threatening emergencies such as barking dogs…loud music…burglaries that occurred hours or days earlier…vandalism to public or private property, such as a stolen flower pot, etc., call the ‘Non-emergency’ number  919-560-4600.

  • If anyone is ever in doubt as to which number to call, they should use 911.