Commenting on a Post

If you choose to subscribe, you will receive an email notification of a crime watch or general news update and can click on a link in the email that takes you to the specific post on the web site.  Comments to the post can then be added especially if you have any additional questions or clarifying information.

If you choose not to subscribe, meaning you do not wish to receive email alerts for all posts and updates, you may still go to the website to see posts and review and make comments.

Any user, subscriber or non-subscriber, when commenting on a post in the website may select, by checking the box below the comment box, that they be notified of any follow-up comments made from their specific comment on a post.

When one or more comments are made to a post, the user will view a statement below the post, ‘View all comments.’ By clicking over that field, the user will open and view the string of comments made for that post.