Crime Alert Process

  • If the Coordinator becomes aware and of a crime watch event:
  1. She/he posts it on the website ASAP (all BCs will receive the alert as they are subscribers).
  2. Each Area Captain then personally contacts by phone or in person ASAP, those neighbors on their designated street or block who have no email/computer/phone capability.
  • If an Area Captain becomes aware of a crime on their street of block or of a crime watch event that may impact the neighborhood in our district 3:
  1. They post the alert on the website ASAP (this automatically alerts the Coordinator and other Area Captains by email).
  2. If unable to post on website due to unforeseen technical issues, then they email the alert to the entire watch team ASAP (the Coordinator, the other Area Captains and Web Administrator). The Web Administrator (or another  Area Captain, if Administrator unable) then posts the alert on the website ASAP.
  3. Each block captain personally contacts by phone or in person ASAP, those neighbors on their specific street or block who have no email/computer/phone capability.
  • If a neighbor needs to communicate suspicious activity or a crime in progress:
  1. They should FIRST call 9-1-1
  2. Then they notify their Area Captain ASAP by email or phone, who will proceed as outlined above.

Posting a Crime That has Occurred (Area Captains/Coordinator only):

  1. Identify the block the house is on, such as the 2700 block of Bexley Avenue. In some instances an Area Captain may use discretion and if given permission by the homeowner, may post the specific address.
  2. Do NOT identify the names of the homeowners/renters.
  3. Report the approximate time range such as between the hours of 10:30 AM and Noon, that the break in occurred. Where the residents at home or out?
  4. Determine if a break in how/where access to home was acquired (such as through a back door or a porch screen) and what items may have been stolen (appliances, electronics, or jewelry). This gives information to neighbors so that they may shore up security and be vigilant for their home.
  5. Did the home have an alarm system, and was it on at the time of the break-in?
  6. Determine and report if the police were called and any other details they may provide.
  7. It is vital that to report a crime in timely fashion to the neighborhood . Statics show that thieves tend to target an area of several blocks in a community. Getting the word out to all neighbors gives them a warning they would not have otherwise, because they live several blocks or streets away from the crime.
  8. It is also important to follow-up for further information by contacting the residents or police and post an update as necessary.
  9. Being a good citizen is about communication. It is about getting the word out. One crime is more than just one home, and may have farther reaching consequences for other neighbors if the entire community is not warned as soon as we are made aware.