Upcoming PAC-3 Meeting Notice

PAC 3 Neighbors and Neighborhood Representatives Join us this Saturday, April 09, from 10 am to noon for our monthly PAC3 meeting. The meeting is held at 1309 Halley Street, Durham, NC 27707 (Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park.) This meeting provides a wealth of information and is a great forum for citizens to interact the with law enforcement and other Durham City and County departments.  If you have a neighborhood concern, bring it!  If you’ve never been to a PAC 3 meeting, come see what you’re missing! The meeting agenda will include:

  • Police and City Department Reports: As always the meeting will include reports from various City Departments and our District 3 Commander, Capt Robert Gaddy,Jr., offering you the opportunity to voice your concerns, questions and comments
  • PAC3 2016 Election of Officers.
  • Presentation of the “Lynwood Best” award.
  • PAC3 ” 2016 National Night Out” Drawing: All District 3 neighborhoods attending are eligible to sign up to win “2016 NNO” promo packages.

*** Neighborhood Listserv Moderators: Please forward to your neighborhood listserv or website. Join us this Saturday. We look forward to seeing you. PAC3 Co-Facilitators JoAnn Comis jcomis@mindspring.com 919-225-5176 Mike Mayo mikewmayo@gmail.com  973- 722-4772

About PAC3:Partners Against Crime,District 3 is much more than our name implies; We strive to educate and provide our neighborhoods in District 3 with the tools and venue necessary to promote a stronger, safer community, and higher quality of life. Learn more at: www.pac3durhamnc.org