DPD Scam Alert Post


There is another scam occurring within our communities. A guy will call from (usually 919-475-6545) identifying himself as a Deputy United States Marshal Greene or Grant and he will tell you that you or a family member have missed a court date and there is a charge for giving you another court date and that he can take your payment over the phone by getting your credit card number. He will ask you for your date of birth and address saying that this information is used to verify that he is speaking with the right person. He will even threaten to have you arrested for non-compliance with a court order. THIS IS ALL A SCAM AND THIS UNIDENTIFIED PERSON IS NOT AN EMPLOYEE WITH THE UNITED STATES MARSHAL SERVICE!!!!

 If you are contacted by this guy please send me an email or call me and let me know exactly what he told you.


Sargeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
District 3
8 Consultant Place
Durham, North Carolina 27707
919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office)
919-907-9810 (City Cell)