Fox Sighting on Yorkdale

A neighbor on Yorkdale reports of sighting a fox on Yorkdale at 3 PM on Weds.  Animal Control was contacted and stated that it would be normal activity unless the fox was acting drowsy.

There is awareness of a fox or small coyote in the area that will more normally comes out at night as it has been spotted several times.  It will more typically run away when it sees you. A reminder to secure pets at night as a fox will be out looking for an easy meal and it will not discriminate between domestic and wild animals.  At times a fox has preyed on chickens that were being raised by neighbors.

If walking your dog at night always carry a light to make yourself more visible.

Durham County Animal Control Services responds to calls from 8-10 M-F and can be contacted at 919-560-0630.  Outside of those hours Durham County Sheriff should be contacted for emergency services (i.e. animal is threatening) at 919-560-0900.

2 thoughts on “Fox Sighting on Yorkdale

  1. We have seen both a fox and coyote numerous times in fact a fox attacked and killed one of our chickens last spring. We were very upset but also aware that we live on their turf. It is up to each of us to be responsible pet owners. We no longer allow the chickens to forage unsupervised a hard lesson we have learned. We also made the chicken compound more secure. Our dog and cat are always indoors at night. The fox and coyote look healthy and alert and are afraid of people. Nature has a beautiful bounty of wild life. Let’s be aware, be responsible and coexist peacefully.

  2. I saw that fox walking down Oxford Drive around 10:30 one night. It spotted my little dog before it spotted me and started walking up the driveway as soon as it saw me it turned around and continued on down Oxford Drive.

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