Late-Night Prowler, 3000 Block of Stanford

Neighbors on the 3000 block of Stanford report that their camera caught a man walking down their driveway and under their deck at approximately 12:14 a.m. this (Saturday) morning.  About 30 minutes later, their camera documented a police car driving by with spotlights on, so perhaps someone else noticed this individual and called the police.  Below is a .png that shows the individual in question.

The neighbors called the police this morning to report the incident.  Although an officer came out to discuss, no report was filed because nothing was damaged or taken.

Please keep your car doors locked, and be sure to report any suspicious behavior!

2 thoughts on “Late-Night Prowler, 3000 Block of Stanford

  1. This man returned to our driveway last night at 10:30. I have a video capture of his presence which I am forwarding to our block captain, and I will be reporting to the police once again. I don’t care that nothing was taken or damaged, this man is trespassing on my property and I want him identified.

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