District 3 Criminal Investigations Weekly Newsletter


 Jeremy Devon Riddick 09/11/93
Jeremy Devon Riddick

After an extensive investigation which included other agencies, District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Jeremy Riddick charging him with one count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill Inflicting Serious Injury, Assault by Pointing a Gun and Robbery With A Dangerous Weapon. In January 2016, Riddick walked up to a Hispanic victim brandishing a handgun while the victim was leisurely sitting in front of his apartment and demanded money from the victim. The victim took out his wallet to give it to the suspect, Riddick began to shoot the victim several times. The victim survived but our investigation was able to develop and locate Riddick and now he lives with the Durham County Sheriff as it turns out other detectives were looking for this guy. Riddick is under a $6,500,000.00. Riddick is also a burglary suspect in several District 3 burglaries our investigation continues and he will be hearing from us again shortly.

 Ladarius Samuel 5/24/98
Ladarious Samuel

District 3 Criminal Investigations have obtained warrants on Ladarius Samuel charging him with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, Felony Conspiracy and Assault By Pointing A Gun. This is an ongoing investigation as we continue to uncover suspects involved in a spree of recent armed robberies involving our Hispanic citizens. Samuel is still at large and we think that he commits these crimes with a least 2 or as many as 4 other suspects. If you see him do not attempt to apprehend him. Call 911 immediately. Samuel should be considered armed and

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