DPD District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter.


 Justin Spears
Justin Spears  06-06-90

 District 3 Investigators are still working cases involving Justin Spears and further investigation revealed that he was part of a number of armed robberies throughout the district. This week we charged him with 5 additional counts of Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, we learned that during one robbery that he shot at the victim so we charged him with 3 counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill, 3 counts of injury to personal property, 3 counts of Second Degree Kidnapping. This investigation is ongoing.

Larry Kirkland
Larry Kirkland Jr. 09/05/97

District 3 Investigators arrested Larry Kirkland Jr. for operating a stolen vehicle (stolen from District 3) and running from Durham Police Officer’s after a drive by shooting in District 2 which injured 4 people 3 were bystanders. The vehicle in which Kirkland was driving crashed in front of Duke Hospital and endangered many innocent people. Kirkland was taken into custody after a brief foot chase which totally locked down Duke Hospital and Duke Campus. Kirkland is now in the Durham County Jai under a $500.000.00 bond. The investigation continues by District 2 Investigators.

 We are still experiencing a spike in Motor Vehicle Theft and Motor Vehicle Break-ins. Usually these vehicles are unlocked and items of value are in plain sight. And of the 10 cars that have been stolen none of them were hot wired or had the ignition manipulated.  In fact, most were left running while the victim went back into the house to get something or some have had the keys left in them. We now know that a least one of those stolen cars was used in a drive shooting. Please secure your valuables and lock your car before you leave it. When you got shopping or to a movie at night try to park in well lighted areas, walk with crowds and be safe. Don’t get distracted by your phone and when you get in your car lock it immediately.

 Call us if you see something, some person(s) or some activities that are suspicious. It’s takes all of us working together to abate crime.

 Until next time, take care.

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