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 This is the District 3 Investigations weekly newsletter.

Gary Glasco 9/7/90

 On 3/22/16 a 2012 Audi A5 was stolen from 17 Saddlewood Ct, off of Woodcroft Pkwy. The vehicle was left unsecured with the keys on the front seat. Information was given out over Durham Police radio communications and shortly afterward District 1 patrol officers (East Durham) initiated a felony stop on that vehicle and Gary Glasco,  was taken into custody. Glasco was transported to Substation 3 where he was interviewed. Glasco also admitted to breaking into several other vehicles in the Woodcroft area the same night. Glasco was charged with 7 counts of B&E to Motor Vehicle, 1 count each of Larceny of Motor Vehicle and Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.  Glasco has a long history of larceny from motor vehicles and was just arrested by my investigators in February for vehicle break-ins on Woodburn. He is on probation and his probation officer has been notified of his current arrest. Mr. Glasco is now a resident of the Sheriff and his new address is 219 S Mangum Street (The Durham County Jail) where he is being held on a $15,000 bond. Glasco looks for unlocked vehicles with valuables in plain sight. He looks for easy targets.

 Please secure your valuable and lock your car before leaving it. Don’t be an easy target.

 Unbelievably, we are still experiencing purse thefts in our local grocery stores and Target stores. The victims have been women who usually place their purses in their grocery carts while shopping. The thieves slowly walk up to a the unsuspecting victim while they are in an aisle and ask the victim to grab an item from a shelf which causes the victim to walk away from the grocery cart. Then they engage the victim in a brief conversation about the item thus totally distracting the victim while the second thief takes the purse and leaves the store. The victim continues shopping and is not aware that she has become a victim until she is standing at the checkout and her purse and credit cards are gone. The problem is the victims are sometimes too embarrassed to report the crime. When this happens there is a delay in tracing the stolen credit cards and videos. So, please keep an eye on your purses while shopping and if you must walk away from your cart…take your purse with you or you can always put your credit cards and money in your pocket and leave your purse in the trunk of your car when you go to the store.

 Until next time…take care.


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