Dogs and Fireworks Warning

ATTENTION all dog owners

Please Please Please bring your dogs inside during the 4th of July fireworks. Every year we have reports of dogs jumping fences, running off, being terrified because of fireworks.

As one horrific example, last year during fireworks explosions, a dog, left outside jumped the fence, got hit by a car, thankfully was found by a neighbor, needed major $$$$ for surgery but DID recover.

All of this would have been avoidable, if the dog had been left inside.

Please consider this option: Play music, put the TV on loud, use a Thundershirt, whatever it takes to spare your dog and you the trauma of fireworks!

If you are out of town and need a pet sitter to care for your pets on the 4th weekend, call someone. There are plenty of pet sitters in the neighborhood.

Have a safe and fun 4th! And No emergencies, please! 😉