Tips for Reducing Theft of Belongings in Vehicles

Hello Neighbors,

Finally, cooler weather.

There have been some sporadic reports of theft from vehicles of personal items the past weeks.

A few tips:

  1. These thefts, while still important to the homeowner, are considered non-life threatening emergencies , so please call the ‘Non-emergency’ number  919-560-4600. Then notify your area captain. Every call to the police is tracked and generates metrics for possible trends that may connect to other burglaries we may not be aware of.
  2. Make sure to take your personal items out of a vehicle or the bed of your truck when it is parked and you have left the vehicle  unattended (in the house).
  3. If you keep any items in your vehicle out of necessity, make sure they are locked up and/or out of site when you have left your vehicle unattended (in the house).
  4. Much theft if done targeting unlocked vehicles, so lock your vehicle when it is left on the street or driveway unattended (in the house).


Be safe and enjoy the fantastic weather and changing colors.

The below is a quick review of how to report suspicious activity that can be found on this website

How to Report Suspicious Activity