District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter-09 Mar 2017


Antonio Davis 7/30/74

District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Antonio Davis charging him with Common Law Robbery and Misdemeanor Conspiracy. Davis and another suspect went into the Family Fare on Chapel Hill Blvd and stole several items from the store and the cooler. The store clerk attempted to stop them from stealing, Davis turned toward her and threatened her by stating “I will kill you for it” and they both left the store and fled in an unknown vehicle. Davis has be positively identified in this crime and he and his friend will be hearing from us real soon. However, right now he is still at large and should be considered very dangerous. If you see him before we see him don’t try to apprehend him, please call 911 immediately and tell us where you saw him.

 Casey Dobson 9/21/94

District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Casey Dobson charging him with 2 counts of Felony Breaking and Entering, 2 counts of Larceny After the Break and Enter and 2 counts of Injury to Personal Property. Dobson has been positively identified in burglaries on Forest Oaks and Hillgrand Drive. And we are looking at him for several other burglaries in that area. In one of those burglaries Dobson went to the front door and rang the bell and knocked on the door and when he heard someone inside the house, he went into the backyard of the house and broke into the shed. Dobson is now off the street and is in the Durham County Jail under a $15,000 bond.

He have noticed a continued spike in car break-ins. In each case the victims valuables were in plain sight of the thief. But the trend has changed, instead of the vehicles being unlocked the suspect now breaks the window and steals the valuables.

Tip: Please don’t leave your valuables in plain sight. Secure your valuables before you leave your car.

 Finally, your tips and phone calls have been a great help in solving crimes especially recent burglaries. Keep calling us and reporting suspicious activities and persons. Recently, your phone calls lead us to a vehicle that had been used in several crimes and ultimately the arrest of the suspects. So thank you and I am sure you would agree that it is better when we work together to abate crime in our community.

 Until next time, stay safe and remember…don’t be an easy target…protect your stuff!!


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
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