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Big Dog Roaming Around

He’s not doing well roaming around but is coming to a place where he’s being fed. Please don’t feed him if you see him because a trap is being set where the food is being put out. If you see him call the number under the picture.

Test of Post Summary Email


Neighbors…You can ignore this post. We are trying out a feature of the website and we need to do it live.  This post should come to you not as a full post but as a summary with a link to the full post.

Subscribing is easy.  There is a form that requires nothing but your email address.  There are no passwords to remember or danger that your email address will fall into the wrong hands. Sites built on WordPress are secure and you will not be sharing any credit card number or private information…not your name, not your email address.

Here’s a couple of bad jokes to brighten your day and suitable for your kids.

What’s a rabbits’ favorite car?
Any make, just as long it’s a hutchback!

What did the dentist say to the computer?

This won’t hurt a byte.   (bits make up bytes…get it?)