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Garage Sale 3105 Oxford Drive

There will be a garage sale Saturday, November 9th from 8am-12. Please feel free to come by 3105 Oxford Drive for the sale. We will have birds, small appliances, gifts, Xmas tree, lights, pottery, bakeware, luggage, travel bags, and various other items.
Please be mindful of the extra traffic that day as well. Thanks

Another robbery 3100 block Oxford

3100 Block of Oxford Drive Last night at approximately 10:00 pm while the owners were at home,  someone came through the carport, broke a window entered and grabbed a backpack. The person was described as dressed  all in black . The homeowner immediately asked the person to get out.  Police were called and responded quickly . Canines were brought in to try to get a lead on the perpetrator however they were not able to apprehend anyone.

If you have an outside camera with footage of this area the police would  greatly appreciate it if you would share it with them. Also if you saw  anyone suspicious last night  please contact  the police.

Be extra vigilant making sure blinds/curtains are closed so as not to give whoever is doing this an easy crime of opportunity. PLEASE be on the look out and if you notice anything that feels unusual call 911.


break-in 3100 block

There was an attempted  break-in in the 3100 block last night at about 10:00pm.  The folks were at home, both cars in the driveway, lights on in the house. Someone smashed the window in the kitchen door, reached in and turned the lock to break-in. The home owners were alerted when they heard the glass break so the intruder left. Nothing was taken and the police were contacted.

Please be extra vigilant as the likelihood of this happening again is high. If you saw anything suspicious please let us know.

Suspicious Man seen on Monday

On Monday a neighbor was walking  her dog about 9:45 and reported that she saw an African American gentleman on a skateboard wearing a toboggan hat with a tassel on the top, some camouflage shorts, in his late teens, early twenties .  (I am assuming that it was the same gentleman that was mentioned in the earlier post. ) He had come up from Bexley (cul-de-sac) and skated down the 3000 block of Oxford. She kept walking  and saw the youth go up the driveway of the Oxford House. When she walked by she noticed he was stopped in front of a chest type toolbox by the garage.  They waved at one another and she thought maybe he lived there. However as she got almost to Yorkdale he walked by her skateboard in hand, barely holding up his pants. She asked if he lived there and he said, “my home girl lives there”.  She immediately called 911 and reported him as he fled through the Epworth parking lot. His presence was noticed and police were alerted.

Later she approached a gentleman who lived at the Oxford House and  asked if a gentleman meeting that description lived there or if a woman was living there. He informed her that there were no such occupants living there.  She then told him what she saw .

Please be extra vigilant  for any suspicious activity…


Break-in: 3200 Block

Neighbors in the  3200 block were broken into yesterday. An email was sent and reported:
“I want to let you know that our house was robbed yesterday between 10:30am-5:30pm. We are not certain how they got in as both of the doors were locked and it seems that neither lock was forced. We just wanted to give you a heads up. I just want to make sure everyone knows and is aware. Additionally if anyone saw anything that could help police that would be fantastic. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like more info.”

There was another break reported last week on  Winton  which is a street adjacent  to Oxford.  Please keep your eyes extra vigilant.

Break-in 3100 Block of Oxford

Sometime on Monday during working hours a break-in occurred . The robbers entered by bashing in a back door. They took pillow cases off the beds and used them to go around the house taking things that were left out on counters and table tops. Jewelry, a bowl of car keys and a computer. ( the owner had to re-key all their cars) It is believed that they entered and left from Stanford Dr.  A police report was filed.

If you have seen anything suspicious please report it to the police.

Lost Dog

Someone who lives close to University Estates lost their dog “Wasabi” last night. He’s a three year old, very friendly, Shiba Inu. He weights around 22 lbs and was actually spotted on MLK a couple of hours ago. A picture of Wasabi is attached and he is wearing the same green collar as in the picture.
Please call Camden Carver if you spot Wasabi: 919-691-7076
 IMG_1465 IMG_1466