Armed robbery Friday @12:30 on Huron St. (Tuscaloossa-Lakewood neighborhood)

Hello neighbors,

At approximately 12:30 this past Friday three African American men entered an open house on the corner or WaWa and Huron of our adjacent Lakewood neighborhood.

They put a gun to the stomach of the man working in the house, took his phone, car keys and $10 cash and fled on foot toward CityWell. Nobody was injured. There may have been a burgundy SUV involved, it had been seen parked on WaWa shortly before the event with similar men. The men were wearing a red hoodie and two black sweatshirts.

Police were on the scene within 15min of the event and are still investigating.

Please be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior and call 911. Then notify your area captain. Your area captain contacts are on the contacts page of this website.


In this day and age, it is recommended that during the day, even when you are home, that you keep your front, back and side doors locked where easily accessed from a street, backyard or driveway/garage.

Keep your garage door closed when you are home as garages offer quicker access to the house when attached.

If budget allows consider installing a security camera at main entrances of your home.