District 3, Criminal Investigations Weekly Newsletter


 District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Kyjuan Rubio Carrington 10-25-2001 

Carrington, Solomon and 3 juveniles were charged with 1 count each Common Law Robbery,  Assault Inflicting Serious Injury, Financial Card Theft, Obtaining Property By False Pretenses and Felony Conspiracy. For a Common Law Robbery that took place on 1-23-2018 in Garrett Road Park across the street from Jordan High School. The victim in this case received some very serious injuries. Carrington received a $25,000.00 unsecure bond and Solomon received a $10,000.00 secure bond.

We are still seeing break-ins to Motor Vehicles. However, for the last few weeks they have been concentrated on the west end of the district. In one break-in a victim came out of their residence and saw a suspect in their car. The suspect fled on a bike. He was described as an older black male. These break-ins are occurring on Morehead, Lakewood, House Av and Chapel Hill Road and between the hours of 11:00 pm and 2:00 am. For this reason we have stepped up high visibility patrols in the area. 90% of these vehicles had valuables in plain sight of the offender.

District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Chrishandra Williams charging her with the Possession of Motor Vehicle and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. Ms. Williams was arrested and is still incarcerated in the Durham County Jail.

For the next few weeks my detectives will be riding through the district engaging the community and doing directed patrols. If you see them please don’t be alarmed. They should be getting out of their cars and speaking with residents. They will be driving unmarked police cars (Chevy Impala’s and Dodge Chargers) and wearing business attire. Let me know how they are doing.

Finally, please be cognizant of any suspicious activity and suspicious persons in your communities and call us, let us check it out. It may be nothing or…it may be something important.

Well, that’s all for now.

Until next time…be careful and stay safe.


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
District 3
8 Consultant Place
Durham, North Carolina 27707
919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office)
919-907-9810 (City Cell)