District 3 Criminal Investigations Weekly Newsletter


There have been two recent burglaries in the Hickstown Lasalle St. area. Similar suspect description, Black male, mid-twenties, he usually works alone and he enters the residences through open or unlocked window or door. The suspect has been described as wearing gloves and mask. In one case it was a surgical mask. In all these cases he apologizes to victims stating he will not harm them and often gives the victims crime prevention tips before leaving, i.e. “You should lock your windows” or words to that effect. He does not ransack the residence but he takes cash and cell phones telling victims they may retrieve their phones outside after he leaves. Suspect uses a knife in the commission of the crimes then flees on foot. Listen, this is not a good guy and he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Please continue to report any suspicious activity and persons. Be cognizant of your surroundings especially when you are walking out of your garage to take your trash or walking your dog. Do not walk up and question suspicious persons call us and will identify them.

We are still working in the Hope Valley communities.

This week we experienced another spike in vehicle break-ins district wide. Once again the majority of these vehicle were left unlocked and items of value were left in plain view.

Finally, be self and take care of each other. Call me or email me if you need something.

Until next time,


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
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District 3
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