District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter


Janae Rekeeta Mercer 9/18/88 Warrants pending for Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon

Recently there was an Armed Robbery at 1930 Ivy Creek Blvd Extended Stay. The reporting person said that a suspect entered the business and walked up to the front desk with a hammer and a pillow case. The suspect demanded that the reporting person put all the money in the pillow case. The suspect then left the scene on foot in an unknown direction. Video is available the suspect has been identified ( Mercer, Janae Reekeeta/ BF/ 9-16-88. Warrants are on file for the suspect. This suspect is still at large. She frequents the Western area of District 3, if you see her DO NOT attempt to apprehend her just call 911 and report where you saw her and what she was wearing.


Recently, we have experienced a spike in larcenies of yard equipment from open garages during the daytime hours. I have driven through the district during the day and I have observed several garage doors open.

TIP: Please shut your garage doors and lock your sliding glass doors, especially when you leave your house or turn in for the night.

That’s all for now until next time, remember don’t be an easy target! Secure your valuables.

Stay safe,


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