Criminal Suspect Observed on Oxford Dr.

There was a delayed incident reported this evening of a criminal suspect on Tuesday before noon seen quickly going in and out of properties on the 3100 block of Oxford.

The neighbor reported noticing a guy walking up the Oxford Dr. hill from Princeton.  He didn’t think too much about it until he observed the person darted into a driveway and came out pretty quickly. He then passed the neighbors home and where he was watched from a window and saw him again go up the driveway of a adjacent to Kara and Jack’s home and into the backyard. The neighbor went out immediately and shouted to the person to come to out so the neighbor could talk to him.  The person took off and darted across another yard and then west on Bexley. The police were called and they had three cars on the street in about ten minutes looking for the person.

The description of the person was a slender light skinned African-American or of near Eastern descent. He had on what might have been a workout outfit, dark blue with some red piping and he had white earbuds on.

A reminder that when your at work criminals are also at work looking for easy opportunity to access homes.  Keep your doors and windows secured when away from your home.  An armed alarm system is the best deterrent to protect your home.