DPD-District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter


We have been experiencing a uptick in burglaries in the Hope Valley/Hope Valley Farms communities and on the Hope Valley corridor. The suspects have been removing the screens on the windows located in the rear of the residence, or they are entering unlocked sliding glass doors and back doors. The suspect are stealing electronics and jewelry these burglaries are occurring Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 am and 12 am.

Right now we have no witnesses, suspects or vehicle descriptions.

Safety Tips: Be a good neighbor, if you see any strange vehicles and /or persons in your neighborhood 1) call 911 immediately and
2) make sure you give us a good description. And
3) remember to lock all your doors and windows and activate your alarm before leaving home for the day.
4) Notify your neighbor or family members if you are going out of town.
5) Here’s another safety idea: Take a picture or video of all your valuables and log all of your serial numbers this will assist my investigators in working your case and will help to get your property returned to you.

Finally, we have seen a spike in car thefts on University Drive, Chapel Hill Road, Kent Street and Carroll Street communities. The suspects are stealing cars that are unlocked warming up outside or cars that have the extra key left inside and using these cars to commit other very serious crimes.

Safety Tip: Please secure your vehicle. It takes less than 2 minutes to steal a car from your drive way and even less time if it is already running.

These vehicles are being recovered in East Durham and they are usually wiped free of forensics. We do have suspects that we are developing and they should hear from us real soon but until then don’t be an easy target secure your valuables.

Sorry for the long narratives but I just wanted you to be apprised of what is happening in the community.

Until next time, stay safe.


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
District 3
8 Consultant Place
Durham, North Carolina 27707
919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office)
919-907-9810 (City Cell)