Watch Advisory: Suspicious Truck Seen Canvassing Neighborhood

Greetings Neighbors.  I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during our snow weekend.

On the topic of safe we wanted to pass on a warning that our neighborhood may be being watched by persons looking for easy homes to target.  One of our reliable neighbors reported that last week on Tuesday during the night a suspicious truck was noticed going up and down Oxford and passed their house at least 8 times.  Since a window was opened at the home a voice possible speaking on a cell phone was overheard coming from the truck and the person stated “there was a woman in that house”.  The police were called and while on the phone with the police the truck was seen one more time.  Eventually a squad car did come and patrol the street but we don’t know if the police found the truck or not.

With that said we wanted to have all neighbors aware of the incident and to be sure to secure your home when away and when at home especially at night.  Criminals will at times enter your home even if you are at home if they see an easy entrance.  Consider an alarm system if you don’t have one and if you do have an alarm do not forget to arm it.

2 thoughts on “Watch Advisory: Suspicious Truck Seen Canvassing Neighborhood

  1. Is there a description of the truck? And is there any way these kind of incidents can be shared with the neighborhood in our more timely manner? If I had been made aware of this incident last week I could have been on the lookout for this specific truck and perhaps gotten the plate number.

    1. The only real description was that it was a dark color truck with an extended cab. The make and model was not specific as it was indicated that it could have been a Ford, Chevy or Dodge make.

      The information of the incident was just received yesterday by the Watch team so unfortunately we could not pass this information on earlier in the week. We do appreciate your zeal to help with keeping an eye out for the vehicle.

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