District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly Newsletter


 Amari Z’Andre Carver 1/16/98  

Jayquantay Lamont Allen 7/11/97  

Gregory Logan 4/11/96

District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Amari Carver, Jayquantay Allen and Gregory Logan charging them with Felony Breaking and Entering, Felony Larceny after the Break and Enter and Felony Conspiracy. These three suspects broke into a residence on Kingsmount Court. District 3 Patrol Officers responded to that residence in reference to a break-in in progress. Upon arrival, the first responding officer saw a Silver Toyota in front of the house. The car was running and a door was opened. The officer went around to the rear of the and saw that the door had been kicked in. So he went inside and encountered these three suspects and a fight ensued. The suspect were able to get away by jumping through a glass window. However to get to their getaway car they had to pass the police car which was parked (Strategically) directly in front of their vehicle with its cameras activated and recording. We were able to use this evidence to bring these three to justice. They are now residents of the Durham County Jail awaiting trial.

Please secure your garages before leaving your homes or turning in for the night and don’t forget to set your alarms.

That’s all for now, until next time stay safe.


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