Notice, Monthly PAC-3 Meeting Upcoming Oct 8th-Saturday

Dear PAC3 Members,

Our programming series entitled ‘Help My Home Has Been Burglarized-Now What??  A Journey through the Justice System will begin with our next meeting on October 8, 2016.

The purpose of his programming is to educate the Durham community about how the justice system works.  Beginning with your home being burglarized (breaking and entering or b/e), we will follow the process from time of crime committed to sentencing of defendant, time served and release.

Our first speakers will be Elizabeth Poole, Training Coordinator with 9-1-1 along with Lt. Mark Morais, Assistant Commander of District 3.  They will share what to expect, after you have discovered the b/e, when speaking to the 9-1-1 operator and the patrol officer who will arrive first on the scene.

The meeting agenda and any additional information will be posted on the list serv next week.

See you October 8th, 10 am at Community & Family Life Recreation Center at Lyon Park, 1313 Halley Street, Durham.

PAC3 Executive Committee

Posted by: Conni Rivers <>