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This is the District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter.

Derashio Devonte Wison 9/30/95                      Montre Jeavontea Cates 7/1/99

Derashio Devonte Wison_09301995                                                               Montre Jeavontea Cates_07011999

After an extensive investigation, District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Derashio Wilson and Montre Cates this week. Our investigation revealed that Wilson and Cates are part of a group of unknown black males who robbed several people in District 3 between the dates of January 3, 2016 thru February 7, 2016. The victims were all Asian and Hispanic and they were all walking through the parking lot of their residences (usually apartments) during hours of darkness (usually between 9:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday) when they were approached by Wilson and Cates who were brandishing handguns and threatening to shoot them if the victims did not give them money and cell phones.  Our investigators were able to link forensic evidence left on one of the scene along with other corroborated information to obtain warrants. Wilson and Cates we charged with 4 counts each of Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery and Possession of a Firearm By a Felon. Both suspects were arrested by the Durham County Sheriff Department and charged with additional charges. Both suspects are now residing in the Durham County Jail. Wilson is under a $785,000.00 and Cates is under a $500,000.00 bond.

It’s looks like the magistrates are finally hearing you all and they are starting to give these bad guys high bonds so that they can’t get back out on the streets so quickly and continue to be a menace to our community and threaten our citizens. Thank you to those who voice your protest and devote your time and energy to court watch your work is making a difference.

And thank you for your overwhelming assistance with the IRS scam. The information you gave me was very valuable. The IRS Investigators are aware of the scam and are currently investigating. I will keep you posted.

Until next time, be safe and call us if you see suspicious activities or persons in your community. You phone call help us to develop suspects and abate crime in our city.


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