District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter


This is the District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter.

Allison Steppe 03/12/1992   Yenge Chastel Mpongo 11/16/95  Zola Emmanuel Spence 1/4/88

Allison Steppe_03_12-92                          Yenge Chastel Mpongo 11_16_95                                                 Zola Emmanuel Spence 01_04_88

This week District 3 Organized Retail Theft Investigators obtained warrants on Allison Steppe, Yenge Mopongo and Zola Spence charging them with 1 count each of Felony Larceny,  4 Counts each of Conspiracy to Commit Felony Larceny, 4 counts each of Felony Larceny Remove, Destroy or Deactivate a Component of an Anti-Shoplifting Device or Inventory Control Device and 2 counts each of Obtaining Property By False Pretenses.. These suspects are members of a booster group that has been very active in the City of Durham particularly District 3. They go into retail stores within the district and remove to the anti-theft devices from an item then proceed to leave the store usually undetected. They then take the item back to the stores customer service where they present the property as their own without a receipt in an attempt to exchange the property for a store gift card (unbelievable but true). If for some reason this tactic does not work then they take the property to a local pawn shop and sell the property. Unfortunately for these guys they tried to it one too many times and they have been positively identified and they will be hearing from us very soon. However, if you see them first, do not attempt to apprehend them because they work as a team and they should be considered very dangerous. Just call 911 and tell the communicator where you saw them and what they were wearing.

Anthony Jerome Brown 10-12-82

Anthony Jerome Brown 10_12_82

This week with the assistance of the U.S. Marshal Task Force we arrested Anthony Jerome Brown. Mr. Brown is a violent felon who robbed the Athletes Foot on University Drive in December using a firearm. He also had some other outstanding warrants. Mr. Brown is now residing in the Durham County Jail under a $850,000.00 bond and is awaiting trial.

There is a scam going around where someone calls saying that they are from the IRS and they threaten to sue you if you do not give them your credit card information. IT IS A SCAM!!!! If you have been a victim or if you have received a call like this please email or call me, I am tracking these calls. And I will be speaking with my friends form the IRS Criminal Investigations.


Don’t be an easy target…make sure you are taking pictures of your valuables and you are noting your serial numbers and putting that information in a safe place in case you ever need it.  Call us if you notice any suspicious activity or person. You call and tips help us to abate crime.

Sorry the newsletter was so long this week.
Until next time, take care and stay safe.


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