Beware of IRS Scam

That time of year for another run of IRS scams. Beware. Residents in our neighborhood have reported receiving a threatening phone message yesterday, Thursday of pending action against them by the United States Treasury Department and if they do not return the call immediately, they will be charged with a Felony and brought before a Grand Jury, etc., etc.

They wisely contacted the US Treasury Office of Inspector General: and reported this and gave the phone number of origin from their answering machine. That number that was used was: 660-822-9012 .

The OIG Office is investigating and indicated that if  the residents receive more calls from the number they reported, they should ignore it or block it if possible.

Additional information below from our DPD:

Happy Thursday to Everyone:

I have received at least 2 reports today from District 3 residents have received a call from representatives identifying themselves as agents with the IRS or the U.S. Treasury seeking private information.  The number that was used is 845-259-9035.  This phone number has been reported as being part of a scam situation.

This is just a reminder- If a government agency (IRS, etc) has official business with you, there would be other contact such as a letter, etc.  If you have any doubt, before you give anyone your private information, feel free to contact that agency directly and inquire about the phone call you received.

 Please feel free to contact me with any further information or questions.

Thank you and have a great day.

Lt. Mark Morais
Assistant Commander- District 3
919-560-4583 x29354


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  1. A few more PAC-3 area residents have indicated they received a threatening email the past day regarding a need to respond or face a felony conviction by the IRS. They did not respond but reported the number to the DPD and OIG as well.

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