Utility Marker Update

Many of us are now aware of Durham utility crews marking the location of utility lines along our streets. The city has responded to queries by numerous neighbors and indicated that the city has granted AT&T a permit to install fiber lines in the area. There were also  some reports that Google was planning on installing fiber lines , but that Google had not filed for a permit yet with the city. So, we will see and wait to hopefully get a notice when this construction begins. if anyone has an update, please post a comment.

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6 thoughts on “Utility Marker Update

  1. Yes, thank you! I thought about posting a question about this, but you beat me to it. Much appreciation, Jeff!

  2. Question – Does this mean they will be tearing up our lawns and driveways? The man in my yard last week spray painted the grass all around the utility pole in my yard. When the Google people were here recently doing their thing, I was told their equipment would be overhead attached to lines running between the utility poles; that’s why they spent so much time studying the “health” of the poles, to be sure they could hold the weight, I suppose.

    1. There could be some potential digging in the right of way which is adjacent to the private property. They generally find some entrance point and burrow underneath rather than tear up everything above ground especially driveways. After all they are responsible for putting everything the way it was within 3-5 days so the less the area the sub-contractor has to fix the less cost for them.

      There is additional information that can be found at http://durhamnc.gov/1624/Gigabit-Fiber-Construction if questions arise during the project.

  3. The contractors are starting to leave door flyers announcing the construction for AT&T U-verse Gigabit fiber. There is contact information added on the flyer. I took pictures of our front yard just in case I need to prove how it looked before construction started.

    1. Thanks for all this information; I was hoping our neighborhood was too small to be dug up as we’ve seen other places nearby.

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