DPD District 3 Weekly Newsletter

This is the weekly newsletter for the District 3 Criminal Investigations Unit.

Gary Allen Lafayette Glasco 09/07/90

Recently there were several vehicle break-ins in the Duke Forest Community. District 3 Investigators were able to link forensic and other evidence to Gary Glasco and charged his with 5 counts of Felony Break and Enter a Motor Vehicle, 5 counts of Larceny after the Break and Enter and 5 counts of Felony Conspiracy. Right now we have charged him with five vehicle B&E’s but we believe that he is responsible for several more within District 3. Our investigation revealed that there were several victims who did not report their vehicle break-in to the police. If you were a victim of a vehicle break-in within the last two weeks and you live in the Duke Forest Community please call me immediately. Gary Glasco was arrested without incident and is now awaiting trial in the Durham County Jail under a $15,000 bond.

Tony Bernard King 3/13/82

Tony King drives though the District 3 Community in a Black late model Lexus and goes through mail boxes specifically looking for checks and credit card. He was caught recently cashing a stolen check at a local bank. The stolen check was a taken from a mailbox on Bayberry Court. Currently, the investigation continues. King has been charged with 5 counts of Misdemeanor Larceny of  Mail Items, 5 counts of Felony Conspiracy, one count of Felony Obtaining Property by False Pretense and one count of Identity Theft. King is currently still residing in the Durham County Jail under a $35,000.00 bond as he awaits trial.

We have noticed a spike in Motor Vehicle B&E’s in the area of Spring Meadow Drive. The suspects appear to be looking for unlocked cars particularly those where the victims have left valuable items and cash in plain view. The suspects then go inside the vehicle and steal the valuables and leave the area. However, we have had some success in recovering some forensic evidence that was left behind by the suspects. The investigation is ongoing and we hope to be introducing ourselves to those guys in the very near future.

Please continue to report any suspicious persons or vehicles that you notice in the community your tips help us greatly so keep the phone calls coming. Let’s continue to work together to abate crime in our city.

Remember, don’t be an easy target…secure your valuables, lock your car, shut your garage before you turn in for the night and please leave a light on when you go to bed.

Until next time…be aware and be safe and have a great week!!!


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
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District 3
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