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Quatisha Shanae Mitchell

Quatisha Shanae Mitchell_Feb2016

Last week, District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on  Quatisha Shanae Mitchell charging her with First Degree Burglary, Felony Conspiracy, Misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property and Felony Attempted Larceny. Mitchell is in the Durham County Jail under a $250.000.00 bond.

Last month (January 2016) the District 3 Criminal Investigations Unit with the assistance of the Durham Police Warrant Squad were responsible for obtaining and serving over 250 arrest warrants. These warrants charged a bevy of people on an array of charges. Most of these investigations were conducted in 2015 and either forensic evidence or suspect information was produced in order to effect the arrest.

We have seen a spike in break-ins to motor vehicles throughout the district. The majority of these vehicles were left unlocked and the thieves stole credit cards, identification cards and money. These break-ins are occurring between 8p and 1a and usually Monday thru Thursday. Please lock your cars before prior to going in the house and close your garage doors before turning in for the night.

Don’t be a easy target…secure your valuables and report any and all suspicious activity in your community.

Until next time.

Be safe.

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