Theft-Stolen UPS Packages on 12/28

A theft recently occurred on a residence of the 2800 Block of Bexley.

A homeowner reported that he had ordered two boxes, one containing replacement blender parts and a second, some birdseed just before the home owners left town for a few days.  When back home, his wife came home from work on the 1/4 and noticed that sometime between late morning and 1:30 PM that both boxes were sitting on the hood of her car. The one box had been opened and emptied of its Blender parts, however the second box, while opened, still contained the birdseed. The police were notified and took a report.

It appeared both boxes were taken after they were dropped off by UPS on 12/28 without the home owners being aware, until found open and placed on the hood of one of the homeowners cars. While this appears a theft of opportunity,  it is particularly disturbing and unsettling that the stolen shipping boxes were returned to the residence in the manner they were.

The holidays are over, but there are still opportunities for theft of received delivery merchandise. Lesson to the wise, if you order anything you believe may be delivered while out of town, make arrangements to have the packages held until your return or be delivered to another trusted neighbor.

Please be aware, watch out for each other, be safe, and stay warm. As the song goes, “Baby it’s cold outside.”