Report of Suspicious persons in area

To: Anderson Wrightwood listserv <>, TLNA Listserv <>

3 women came to my house on Woodburn today, Monday 11/23 around noon. They were driving a newer model, white, mid-sized SUV.

They had a far-fetched story about being from Rochester, NY, Monroe County Child Protective Services and stated they were given my address to pick up 2 children.

They returned 45 minutes later “to collect more information for the judge.” They had badges and provided me with their names and phone numbers.

But the phone numbers aren’t issued to those names, and NY CPS confirmed they do not send people across state lines. Police were notified. Please be on the lookout.

“Descriptions:  A thin, late 20’s white woman with shoulder length light brown hair with pink at the bottom. A heavy set, early 40s white woman dressed in business casual with long straight brown hair and a middle-aged black woman with extremely short hair and glasses was driving and did not get out of the car.  They parked parallel to the house and I was unable to see the plates on the vehicle from inside. They did not try to gain access to the house.