Male Ringing Doorbell at Midnight

Greetings neighbors.  We have had a report for the area of Oxford and Princeton that at midnight on the morning of September 21 an African American male rang a neighbors doorbell and was asking for money.  The male is described as young (possible 20s) and was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

The homeowner called 911 to report the incident and learned from the police that it was the second reported incident for the same male description.  Police did not find the person when the neighborhood was patrolled.

Please be aware of the incident and continue to call 911 if you or your home are also approached.

2 thoughts on “Male Ringing Doorbell at Midnight

  1. Joe:

    On Thursday 09/20/2018, after 11:00pm, I also heard a soft knock at my front door. I thought it maybe a neighbor. I opened the door and I guess it was the same guy. He fits the description and I believe he was wearing a white t shirt. He asked for money, said something about knowing neighbors and wanting to get his haircut. I told him to go away.

    I will contact Sergeant Johnson and advise him. To others, if you receive this late night knock and no one answers when you ask who it is, do not open the door and call 911.

    Thank you,

    1. I saw this guy (black man with black full beard, long white sleeve shirt with white t-shirt over it) walking south on Oxford about 7:30pm Sunday night. He tried
      to flag down my car as we were heading to University Drive.

      I also saw the same guy this morning (about 9am) at the corner of
      MLK Drive and Roxboro Drive (he was asking for money from cars
      on the south corner of Roxboro). He seemed to be mumbling and
      yelling at cars as they past by him.

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