Neighbor Help – Hurricane Florence

Greetings Neighbors.  I hope everyone has done their due diligence for weathering the approaching storm.  Although it appears that Durham will be outside of the worst of the storm let us not drop our guard as there could still be possible reprecussions to manage during and after the storm.  With this in mind I believe it is important for neighbors to help neighbors should some “non-critical” assistance be needed once the storm has passed.

Any neighbor who may need a helping hand to help clear some debris that may be blocking your home entry or something similar can reach out by posting comments here or in the event of a power outage tie a rag to their mailbox post. After the storm has passed we will try to make a few rounds in the neighborhood to see what can be done to assist a neighbor until professional services can be arranged by the homeowner.

Neighbors are not likely professionals so anything to large to manage will need to be addressed by a professional.  Any critical emergencies should be address by calling 911.

Electrical outages can be reported to Duke Energy 1-800-769-3766.

Blocked roads can be reported to Durham One Call 919-560-1200

Water treatment plants are 24/7/365 with backup power so as long as water flows from your taps it is safe to drink.

More information available at

Best of luck to everyone.

3 thoughts on “Neighbor Help – Hurricane Florence

  1. Hi neighbors,

    I am happy to help anyone who needs it. I’m not big and strong, but I have a lot of tools and energy, and I don’t mind getting wet and muddy.

    Please call, text, or knock on my door if I can help.

    3015 Bexley (in the cul-de-sac)

  2. Thank you for info! Fresh Market on University Drive still had some bottled water when I was there at noon today Thursday.

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