National Night Out celebration Update

Hello Neighbors, 

Unfortunately due to a lack of interest, our annual NNO gathering will not happen this year on the 06 August 2018. This would have been our 9th annual celebration.

Many factors, but primarily an  overall lack of interest in having the event, have resulted in the event being cancelled. It takes time and participation in order to plan and coordinate for those who have worked on NNO event committees the past 8 years. 

This national celebration is also celebrated during the hottest time of year for us and on a Tues evening as well.

All is not lost however. We were thinking of having a neighborhood picnic in early October perhaps when the weather less hot and on a Friday or Sat evening. Feel free to comment with thoughts, interests and suggestions.

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer.

UE Durham Community Watch Team.

4 thoughts on “National Night Out celebration Update

  1. Was there a poll to measure interest this year? I’m curious how interest was gauged. We have a lot of new people in the neighborhood and I wonder if they are aware of this group. I was looking forward to getting to know some new neighbors at NNO!

    One suggestion is to time a neighborhood get together with our annual kids Halloween parade. We could end our parade at Epworth and enjoy a potluck there. Another suggestion is to simplify any event that is planned. While the past NNO events have been wonderful, I suspect that all the extras that were planned have been overwhelming both for the committee and for those who may be thinking of volunteering. A simple standard potluck, with neighbors volunteering tables/chairs would be much easier while still serving the purpose of getting us together. This has worked quite well with the Halloween parade.

    1. Greetings Stephanie. Thank you for your comments as it provides some positive perspective on the interest of still having a neighborhood event. There is intent to have a neighborhood event but likely a bit later in the year than in the warm temperatures of August.

      The statement on the decline of interest was from an organizational level rather than an attendee level. For the past several years when the announcement for neighbors to participate in the planning committee for NNO there has been no increase in new committee members as it has been the same 4 members that have attended these meetings. One of the core members that was a driving force for the planning and organization of NNO is having some personal life challenges this year so could not commit the time. Other members expressed interest in helping but unable to lead the event organization due to other time constraints.

      With that said an internal decision was made to not participate this year for mainly the two reasons of not having a lead organizer and also to perhaps try a different type of event when it isn’t 1000 degrees outside. The temperature reference primarily affects those few volunteers that have helped with the setup of the event during the day when it has been blazing hot outside. In some Southern states like Texas NNO is held in October for this very same reason and we suggested to Durham Police that they should perhaps consider the later schedule. I am just not sure at what level where that decision would have to be made.

      You raise a very valid point that with the influx of new neighbors we certainly don’t want to miss having a meet and greet opportunity. Especially with our neighbors on Stanford Dr. who have been without a block captain for some time so we really do need to bring more awareness and opportunity for involvement. Please look for a future announcement in helping to plan the Fall event.

    2. Hello Stephanie,
      Great suggestions and we were thinking along the same lines. Also, as your block of Stanford Dr. is without an area/block captain, please consider joining the watch team and be a block captain for that block. If you would like to canvas new neighbors, given the size of this neighborhood, we can provide you welcome packets that include info on this website. All are welcome. Thank you for reaching out.

  2. Dear Jeff – So sorry to learn my old neighborhood will not be getting together this year. To the new residents — please consider this neighborhood event — we really do need to know our local folks. The neighbors are special memories – company, advice, smiles, a joke or 2, a helpful hand.
    My new location is not yet organized — but I am hopeful we will try.

    All the best wishes, Judith Disney

    PS Maybe a BO iced tea and cookies event??

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