Suspicious Man seen on Monday

On Monday a neighbor was walking  her dog about 9:45 and reported that she saw an African American gentleman on a skateboard wearing a toboggan hat with a tassel on the top, some camouflage shorts, in his late teens, early twenties .  (I am assuming that it was the same gentleman that was mentioned in the earlier post. ) He had come up from Bexley (cul-de-sac) and skated down the 3000 block of Oxford. She kept walking  and saw the youth go up the driveway of the Oxford House. When she walked by she noticed he was stopped in front of a chest type toolbox by the garage.  They waved at one another and she thought maybe he lived there. However as she got almost to Yorkdale he walked by her skateboard in hand, barely holding up his pants. She asked if he lived there and he said, “my home girl lives there”.  She immediately called 911 and reported him as he fled through the Epworth parking lot. His presence was noticed and police were alerted.

Later she approached a gentleman who lived at the Oxford House and  asked if a gentleman meeting that description lived there or if a woman was living there. He informed her that there were no such occupants living there.  She then told him what she saw .

Please be extra vigilant  for any suspicious activity…


7 thoughts on “Suspicious Man seen on Monday

      1. Not sure an explanation is being asked for but just in case the Oxford House (coincidentally named the same as the street it is on) is a second chance home for men only. No female guests can be in the house.

  1. Someone just stole tools out of the back of our truck while we were inside at 3203 Stanford Drive.

  2. Does he look like he is on drugs or he has some kind of disability? I think I saw him today. He kept following me and going in my neighborhood Avon. I found this dog today and he was trying to get it. If anyone knows who lost a dog that had puppies recently please contact me.

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