District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter


Leland Lamont Shaw 3/15/88

District 3 Investigators obtained warrants for Leland Shaw charging him with Aggravated Assault Inflicting Serious Injury and Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon for an Attempted Carjacking Robbery and Aggravated Assault that took place at the intersection of Jackson/Gerrard Street. The victim in this case was seriously injured as she was struck in the face several times with a firearm.  Shaw is still at large and should be considered armed and very, very dangerous. We hope to get him in our custody real soon.

But if you see him before we do, please do not attempt to apprehend him but call 911 immediately and tell us where you saw him

Timothy James Crowe 7/21/90

Update: District 3 Investigators have arrested Timothy James Crowe, charging him with Felony Breaking and Entering, Larceny After the Break and Enter, Injury to Personal Property. Crowe has a history of burglaries and other charges. These charges are stemming from a burglary that took place in the 3000 block of Plymouth. We are still looking at Crowe for several other burglaries in the Hope Valley community. This investigation is ongoing. Crowe is now residing at the Durham County Jail, under a $6000.00 bond.

Finally, let me take a moment and say thank you for all of your tips, phone calls. Our district wide overall crime numbers for the last 2 weeks are trending downward! Which is a direct result of your commitment to assist us in abating crime in our area. Please continue to take care of your neighbors by keeping an eye out for any suspicious people or behaviors in your community. Lock your doors and secure your valuables. Don’t be an easy target!!!

Call or email me if you need me.

Until next time, take care and be safe!


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