Suspicious Activity-Black SUV-License plate PFD-4220

Earlier today on Oxford Dr. a black SUV with the license plate PFD-4220 was witnessed pulling into a home when there were no cars in the driveway.  A young man of African-American dissent went to the door, rang the doorbell and when no answer was made at the door he proceeded to walk behind the house.

A neighbor who had been watching approached the man who then indicated he was looking for a friend.  To be safe the neighbor reported the incident to the police who indicated they have been looking to question this individual as there have been similar reports of this person making similar attempts at other homes.

If this vehicle is spotted in the neighborhood please contact 911.

One thought on “Suspicious Activity-Black SUV-License plate PFD-4220

  1. Please note that the Assistant Commander of District 3 has sent out on a noticeable increase in vehicle break-ins in the area and noted the same vehicle that was spotted in our neighborhood just this week. The comments were as follows:
    “Recently several area residents have notified us of some suspicious activity in the Hope Valley and Woodcroft areas. A dark blue or black 2004 Buick Rainer (NC plate PFD4220) occupied by as many as four males, has been seen at least twice with the occupants casing houses. The occupants knock on doors and when confronted invent a story and then leave the area. Please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to 911.”

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