20 minutes ago! Theft on 3000 Block of Oxford

Just 20 minutes ago, this afternoon, Sunday March 26, I noticed a young black male walking down the street and he looked oddly out of place.
I noticed black car backed in at the end of my neighbor’s driveway, which was very odd.
I saw some young black males walking around at the top of the driveway, looking at the stuff stored there and I called 911.
Suddenly, one person jumped in the car, backed up then driveway and they proceeded to put things in the car.
Then, they quickly sped off while I was on the phone with the police; I was unable to get a license plate or photo of the car.
Literally a minute later, my neighbor returned home while I was still on the phone with the police.
The owner is now assessing what items were taken.
This experience was disturbing. Please watch out for yourselves and your neighbors.
Mary Ann

4 thoughts on “20 minutes ago! Theft on 3000 Block of Oxford

  1. Mary Ann, has there been any follow-up with this? I bet that was extremely unsettling for you. Take care, Bonnie King

  2. There hasn’t been any follow-up info yet, Bonnie. It was very unsettling but it sure has our neighbors talking about it, especially prevention and thinking about reactions in witnessing a theft unfold in real time.
    Mary Ann

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