DPD District Three Investigations Newsletter-03 Mar 2017

On February 20, 2017 it was reported to District 3 Officers and Investigators that Calvin Lewis Davis  2/7/69

was going in a building located at 3110 Tower Blvd (The green glass bldg.) pretending to be an employee. And while he was in the building  he would go through  purses and other belonging of actual employees and steal money, credit cards and driver licenses etc. The investigation revealed that Davis was caught on video going into the building and further investigation revealed that Davis and a co-conspirator Melissa Leigh Shearon WF 11/29/77 (not pictured)  were using the stolen cards at local stores and Southpoint mall. Davis and Shearon were charged with  1 Count Felony Breaking and Entering, 7 Counts Identity Theft, 7 Counts Obtain Property by False Pretense and 7 Counts of Attempted Obtained Property by False Pretense. Davis is in jail under a $28,000.00 secure bond. Shearon bonded out of jail. The development of these suspects also cleared cases in Raleigh, Cary and Siler City (Same trend) This investigation continues.

On 2.28.17, District 3 Uniform Patrol Officers arrested
Jatori Pettiford 3.28.98

for B&E to Motor Vehicles. Pettiford was caught in the PVA of the YMCA on Chapel Hill Blvd. While in an interview with District 3 Investigators Pettiford confessed to the initial vehicle break-in he admitted breaking in to three other vehicles. He was charged with 3 vehicle break-ins so far. This investigation is ongoing. This arrest was directly related to a vigilant citizen calling us and reporting suspicious activity and giving us a accurate description of this suspect. I am sure that you would agree that crime abatement works better when we all work together. Keep watching and keep calling.

We have noticed a spike in burglary cases throughout the district. The trend now is the suspects are prying bedroom and bathroom windows and prying open sliding glass doors.

Tip: If you lock your doors and windows this strategy will NOT work.

These burglaries are taking place during the day between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.. The suspect(s) usually act like they are looking for the resident by knocking on the door and

Ringing the doorbell before proceeding to the rear of the house and breaking in to the house. However, in each case where there was an alarm tripped the suspect(s) fled.

Sorry for the long narrative but I just wanted you to know what’s going on in the district. If you have any questions please contact me via email and I will gladly respond.

Until next time stay safe.


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
District 3
8 Consultant Place
Durham, North Carolina 27707
919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office)
919-907-9810 (City Cell)