District 3 Criminal Investigations weekly newsletter_17Feb2017


District 3 Investigators arrested:  

Courvosier Cox (BM/11.07.99)

charging him with Felony Breaking and Entering, Identity Theft, Obtaining Property by False Pretenses and Felony Conspiracy. These charges stem from a vehicle break-in recently on Williamsburg Road. Cox was served 8 warrants containing 16 felony charges. He was taken before a magistrate and given a $5000.00 unsecured bond. This investigation is ongoing.

 After an extensive investigation District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on: 

Derrick Givens 11.05.83

charging him with a Common Law Robbery that took place at Duke Manor Apartments located at 311 South LaSalle. This investigation is ongoing. Givens is still at large. If you see him before we do please do not try an apprehend him, call 911 immediately.

We have noticed a definite spike in motor vehicle break-ins throughout the district. The one common trend is that most of these vehicles had valuable property in plain sight of the thieves. There have been several break-ins on the 7600 block of Fayetteville Road which leads to the trail. Please secure your valuables before leaving your vehicles and going on the trail. And rest assured that we are still investigating these cases and the suspects should be hearing from us real soon.

That’s all for now, until next time be safe and remember “Don’t be an easy target” secure your home, car and valuables.

Take care…


Sergeant K.L. Johnson
Durham Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division
District 3
8 Consultant Place

Durham, North Carolina 27707
919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office)
919-907-9810 (City Cell)

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