DPD Crime Watch Update Newsletter Nov 17 2015

This is the District 3 Criminal Investigations Weekly Newsletter.

Darence Pearson 10.10.90                 Raheem Bass 07.25.93

Darence Pearson_Nov205                                               Rheem Bass_NOv2015
Darence Pearson and Raheem Bass were arrested this weekend for an armed robbery they committed at 311 South LaSalle. Both were charged with 2 counts of Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.  We believe that these suspects are part of a group that preys on Hispanic victims throughout the City of Durham. We are working with other district investigators and several outside agencies as this investigation continues.


Ladarius Kinnard 07.21.90            Ricardo Dixon 01.13.80          Ronnie Lee King Jr. 02.14.91

Ladarius Kinnard_Nov2015                                     Ricardo Dixon_Nov2015                                    Ronnie Lee King Jr._Nov2015
Corinthian Bowens (Not pictured  he is a JUVENILE)

After an extensive investigation District 3 Investigators obtained warrants on Ladarius Kinnard, Ricardo Dixon, Ronnie Lee King Jr and Corinthian Bowens (Juvenile) for burglaries in the Pickett Road and Dixon Road communities. A witness reported seeing these suspects operating a Gray mini-van at the scene of several burglaries. They would pull up in the van and three suspects would get out if the van and walk up to the house ring the bell and knock on the door if there is no answer they go in the back kick open the back door and make entry. They go straight to the bedroom and steal jewelry and electronics. They would usually leave using the front door. We noticed that this is a similar method used by another group but this group was very careless and amateurish in the commission of their crimes because of the many  investigative clues left behind that we were able to garner in these cases. This information and other forensic evidence gathered by investigators led to the charges against these suspects.  All four suspect were charged with 2 counts apiece of Felony Breaking and Entering, Larceny After the Break and Enter and Felony Conspiracy. This is an ongoing investigation. Bowens has been arrested. However, the other three are still at large and should be considered very dangerous. If you see these suspects do not try to apprehend them, call 911 and tell the communicator what you have seen.

This is the holiday season and thieves are busy. So don’t be an easy target…be very aware of your surroundings don’t carry large sums of cash and don’t store gifts in plain sight in your car. Travel and shop with two or more people rather than by yourself and if you must go out at night park in well lighted places.

Until next week, stay safe and call us if you see any suspicious persons or activities.

Sergeant K.L. Johnson Durham Police Department Criminal Investigations Division District 3 8 Consultant Place Durham, North Carolina 27707 919-560-4583 ext 29359 (Office) 919-907-9810 (City Cell)

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